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Growing Old With You 5/?

TITLE: Growing Old With You (based from Adam Sandler's song) 5/?
AUTHOR: twistedoodles 
PAIRING: Ryden (ofcourse!) and Gabilliam 
POV: 3rd
DISCLAIMER: I own no one. This story is something that happened only in my imagination. And maybe in yours too. *shrugs*
BETA: helloglasgow 
"Do you love those books more than me?"

NOTES:  So yeah, I am spoiling you guys. Happy new year in a few hours!


The next day, when Brendon goes inside their classroom, Ryan is no where to be seen. Usually, when he arrives, Ryan is already there waiting for him. He anxiously looks around but again, he’s no where to be found. This gets Brendon worried and he goes to Ms. Asher to ask for Ryan.

“Ms. Vicky?” He looks up from his place on the floor to her on her high desk.

“Yes, Brendon?” She looks up from her book.

“Have you seen my girlfriend?” He pouts. He’s really starting to get worried…and annoyed. He hates not seeing Ryan first thing he gets to school.

“Your girlfriend?” Ms. Asher asks confused. Then it dawns on her. “Oh, Ryan? He was just here a while ago. I think he went to the playground with Alex.

Brendon’s eyes widen and he pouts even more, more from annoyance now than anything else. He puts his hands on his hips and scrunches his eyebrows together. “Alex? Who’s Alex? And what is he doing with my Ryan?!” He almost yells.

“Brendon dear, watch your tone. Calm down. Alex is a new kid here in school. His mom dropped him off this morning and Ryan’s been keeping him company since no one is here yet. If you want, you can go play with them in the playground.” She says slowly as if to make him understand.

Brendon only huffs and runs off to the playground to get his girlfriend back. “Alex, huh. Well, I bet I’m cuter than him!” He thinks to himself. “Oh, and more charming too!” He adds as an afterthought.


When he reached the playground, he sees Ryan laughing with a smaller kid with shoulder-length hair. They were on the giant slide and Ryan was positioned in between the kid Alex’ legs. Brendon stomped to the bottom of the slide, hands on his hips and stood a few feet away so that they don’t end up landing on him.

When Ryan and Alex slid down, they are faced with a very angry looking Brendon. He looks so red, it wouldn’t surprise Ryan if smoke started coming off of his ears and nose.

“Hey, Bren!” Ryan says hesitantly as he stands up and removes himself off of a very confused Alex.

Brendon glares at Alex then turns to Ryan with a full-on pout. “Don’chu Bren me! I was expecting to see you when I arrived but noooo. I come here to see you with someone else. A new kid at that.” He huffs then glares at Alex again.

Alex raises his hands while one of his brows shoot up. “And who do you think you are? I was here first and Ryan was alone so I asked him to play with me. And now, we still are and you are interrupting us.” He points at Brendon and glares back.

Ryan sighs irritated as he rolls his eyes and turns to Alex, “I’m sorry Alex but I have to go. It’s been nice playing with you.” He manages a small smile.

“Bu-“ Alex tries but Ryan cuts him off. “Sorry.” Then he intertwines his fingers with Brendon and starts walking away with him. Brendon turns his head back and sticks his tongue out at Alex. Ryan swats him on the head and they continue walking towards their classroom.


When they get to the room, they see another boy seemingly harassed by an annoyed and exasperated Gabe. His hands are on his hips and he is glaring at the smaller boy who is hiding behind a rather pissed William. Brendon drags Ryan to the commotion and they hear Gabe saying, “He’s mine, you understand?” as they get closer.

Brendon perks up and butts, much to Ryan’s dismay, in the conversation. “Who’s he, Gabe?”

William answers for him. “New kid. He’s Tom.”

“And he’s stealing my Bilvy!” Gabe adds. William rolls his eyes but Gabe ignores him.

Brendon bounces on his heel and says, “I know! There was this Alex kid --“ insert eye roll here “--and he was trying to steal my Ryan too so I told him that he couldn’t. He’s outside and maybe Tom can keep him company so they wouldn’t have to steal Ryan and William from us. That way, they wouldn’t be lonely too!” He lets go of Ryan and claps his hand feeling proud of his idea.

Ryan and William roll their eyes simultaneously. Gabe beams at Brendon and once again turns his attention to Tom. “Scoot.”

Tom runs off to the direction of the playground and the four is left inside. Gabe grabs William’s hand and drags him to the play area saying something like, “I’m gonna make a purple castle out of the foam mats!”

Meanwhile, Brendon and Ryan are back in the reading area just because Ryan loves it there.

“Ryan…” Brendon looks timidly at Ryan.

Ryan looks up from his book and waits for Brendon to continue.


Ryan raises his brow and asks, “Well?”

“Do you love those books more than me?”


I think this is the longest chapter so far. I haven't started on the 6th yet. Maybe some kind of inspiration will spark up my idle mind later. Ha ha.

And sorry for being mean to Tom (Conrad) and Alex (de Leon)...or is it supposed to be Greenwald? The one Ryan's always with?... Sorry. There are too many Alexes. Got me confused. @_@

** For mistakes on INs, ONs, and ATs (if ever there are), sorry. Despite my "educational status", those three never fail to confuse me. Like srsly.

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Thanks for reading!


Growing Old With You 4/?

TITLE: Growing Old With You (based from Adam Sandler's song) 4/?
AUTHOR:  twistedoodles 
PAIRING: Ryden (ofcourse!) and Gabilliam
POV: 3rd
DISCLAIMER: I own no one. This story is something that happened only in my imagination. And maybe in yours too. *shrugs*
BETA: helloglasgow 

Brendon stirs a bit and mumbles something like, “Yeaah. Unh. Wyan ish my wurfwend! Miiiiineeee. Awww miiiineeee!” And subconsciously hugs Ryan closer.

I'm gon keep posting everything here first. :]


“Gabanti?” Ms. Victoria asks. Her eyebrows rise in confusion.

William holds up something from his back. It’s a cute purple cobra plushie with yellow eyes, green chest, red tongue and pink weird prints.

“Oh! Yes, yes sure.” She replies.

Another kid who is a bit taller than William approaches and looks at Ms. Asher. “What is it Gabe? Do you need anything?” She asks, tilting her head to the side.

“Can I sleep beside my Bilvy too?” He asks looking at her with big pleading eyes. Ms. Asher doesn’t hesitate answering him with a “Sure. Go ahead.”

So he and William put their sleeping bags close together and snuggle up to their stuff toys.


Not too far from them are Brendon and Ryan who are snuggled with Brendon’s arm draped over Ryan almost protectively. Ms. Asher went near them to tell them that they should sleep in their separate sleeping bags but when she looked over, they were already in a peaceful slumber. She doesn’t have the heart to wake up such a heart-warming sight. So instead, she just walks back to her desk and opens a book she’s been meaning to read.


At exactly 3:30 in the afternoon, Ms. Asher wakes them all up to prepare for their dismissal time. “Rise and shine angels! It’s almost time to go home. You don’t want your mommies and daddies to wait too long for you, right?” She shakes each one of them a little bit.

Ryan tries to sit up but Brendon’s arm is weighing him down. He turns to him and nudges him again. “Beeaaaar! Wake up. C’mon. Our parents are gonna be here soon!” He says.

Brendon stirs a bit and mumbles something like, “Yeaah. Unh. Wyan ish my wurfwend! Miiiiineeee. Awww miiiineeee!” And subconsciously hugs Ryan closer.

“Oomf” Ryan tries to wiggle out of Brendon’s arms but again, he’s stronger than him. “Bren! You’re squishing me. Wake up!” He almost whines but then, comes up with an idea. He starts squirming until he’s facing Brendon then begins tickling him.

Brendon wiggles and starts to wake up. He finally opens his eyes and pouts at Ryan. “I was having a good dream!”

“Sorry Brenny, but Ms. Asher says we should all go prepare our stuff now.” Ryan successfully sits up and Brendon does the same as he rubs some sleep off his eyes with his tiny hands.

“But I don’t wanna!” He pouts even more and crosses his arms.

Ryan sighs and says, “We have to, Bren. It’s almost time to go home.”

Brendon’s eyes widen and he tackles Ryan to the sleeping bag. “I don’t wanna go home! I wanna stay here with you!”

Ryan tries once again to sit up while Brendon is still attached to him. “Stop being a big baby, Bren. C’mon.” He removes his grasp from him and stands up holding his hand out to him.

“Fine.” He huffs and reaches for Ryan’s hand. They both help each other in folding and returning their sleeping bag and hand in hand, they go to retrieve their bags from their small cubby holes.


A/N: I actually have nothing to say. -----

Or maybe I do. Uh, I'd like to thank those who read this fic. :) And I appreciate your comments so so much. I'm almost always online so as much as I could, I reply to every love you leave.

Also, school starts next week and I'd prolly be busy. Idk how often I'd be able to write and/or update so I'm making the most out of my free time now. So yeah, enjoooooooooy!

And if you want, you can add me in Facebook: http://facebook.com/twistedoodles and/or follow me on Twitter: @iamlauren

Growing Old With You 3/?

TITLE: Growing Old With You (based from Adam Sandler's song) 3/?
AUTHOR: twistedoodles 
PAIRING: Ryden (ofcourse!) and Gabilliam
POV: 3rd
DISCLAIMER: I own no one. This story is something that happened only in my imagination. And maybe in yours too. *shrugs*
BETA:  helloglasgow 
“Cause I wanna take you everywhere I go. Like when I sleep or when I go to my grandma’s place or the toy store. Everywhere!” He says with his hands doing frantic waving movements.

NOTES:  Just because I do not have EQ. *dances* 


Hearing that, Ryan perks up and grabs Brendon’s hand. He lands on Ryan with an ‘oomf!”

“Ow!” Ryan squeaks. Brendon is heavy. Heavier than him at least.

“Hmph.” Brendon faces away from him so Ryan tries poking him to make him look at him again.

It doesn’t work.

“Oh, c’mon, Brenny! I j-just wa-wanted to read bu-but I st-still want t-to play with you. Please? B-bren?” His lips are starting to quiver and his eyes starting to water. Brendon still doesn’t budge.

Ryan hastily wipes the first tear that falls to his cheek and tries again. “Bear, pleaseeeeee!” He wraps his arms around Brendon. He squirms away at first but Ryan has a death grip on him so he eventually gives up and rests his back on Ryan’s chest.

“I’m not leaving you anymore. Can you please let me go now?” Brendon huffs.

“Promise?” He asks in a tiny voice.

“Yeah.” Ryan loosens his hold on Brendon but still doesn’t let go. Instead, he puts his head on his shoulder. “You know…”


“I know I call you Bear but…” Ryan hesitates and nuzzles on Brendon’s neck.

“What?” He repeats.

“Sometimes…sometimes, I wish you were a teddy bear. A real one.”

Brendon’s eyes widen at that and he turns to face Ryan while still on his lap. “But, but, why?” Shock clear on his cute little face.

“Cause I wanna take you everywhere I go. Like when I sleep or when I go to my grandma’s place or the toy store. Everywhere!” He says with his hands doing frantic waving movements.

Brendon blinks and stays still for a moment. Ryan thinks his wish has come true.

It hasn’t. Brendon hugs Ryan and rests his head on his shoulder. They stay like that ‘til their break comes.


“Okay, boys and girls! It’s time for some nap time!” Their teacher Ms. Asher announces.

Some of the kids cheer while others groan in protest.

“Get your sleeping bags kids. C’mon. Hurry now,” she says, motioning for them to prepare and get ready.

While she was standing there, watching over them, a tiny kid with long curly brown hair tugs at her skirt. “Hey William, is there anything you need?”

The little boy, William, looks up at her, his long hair getting in the way of his pretty face, and says, “Is it okay if Gabanti sleeps beside me?”


A/N: This chapter's pretty short. Sorry.

P.S. Don't you think that it's a little ironic that my dp's VickyT's baby picture while she's the adult I'm portraying in my story? Haha. Just sayin.

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Growing Old With You 2/?

TITLE: Growing Old With You (based from Adam Sandler's song) 2/?
PAIRING: Ryden (ofcourse!)
POV: 3rd
DISCLAIMER: I own no one. This story is something that happened only in my imagination. And maybe in yours too. *shrugs*
BETA: helloglasgow 

“That is not how you’re supposed to greet your husband home!” he whines and stomps his foot for effect.

NOTES: Thank you for all your wonderful comments. I've decided that this is just some kind of prequel to a more 'mature' story that I will be co-writing with rigz95 . But honestly, it's fun writing kid!fics. I can totally see them in my head - all cute and cuddly and just plain adorable. Love, love, love.


“Hi,” Brendon’s girlfriend mumbled.

Brendon’s mom kneeled in front of the kid whose hand he’s been gripping tightly. “Brendon, sweetie, I think you’re hurting him.” The kid shakes his head. Brendon beams.

“I won’t hurt him mom. He’s my girlfriend,” he says sternly while his cute brows knit together.

The kid has his head bowed but he seems to be listening to Brendon and his mom’s conversation.

Mrs. Urie sighs but then says, "I’m Grace. Brendon’s mom.” She holds out his hand to him and he hesitantly grips it with his other tiny hand that wasn’t holding Brendon’s.

“Ryan,” he says quietly, almost a whisper.

“Are you really Brendon’s girlfriend?” Then she turns to Brendon. “Brenny boy, Ryan’s not a girl.”

Brendon pouts and hugs Ryan. “I know but he’s pretty. Girls are pretty. I like pretty but I like Ryan even more!” He lets go of Ryan for a moment and starts doing this frantic big movements with his tiny arms.

Ryan blushes and ducks his head. Brendon’s mom pats his head and says, “Sorry if Brendon keeps calling you his girlfriend. I’ll tell him to stop, okay? Don’t worry.”

“No. It’s okay,” he says…or more like whispers.

“MOM! You can’t take him away from me! Neverrrrrrrrrrrrr!” He draws out the R’s and scowls at his mother. He again hugs Ryan and moves back a few steps bringing him along.

Mrs. Urie sighs defeated and nods. “Fine. I’ll see you later. Be good you two.” She smiles a little at the both of them and walks away.


The following day...

It was almost time for their break and somehow, they’ve managed to play dolls, doctor and a little bit of house. Oops, no. They still are playing house.

“Honey, I’m home!” Brendon says as he enters their makeshift house in the reading area.

Ryan looks up from the book he was reading and nods. Brendon pouts and stands in front of Ryan with his hands on his hips. Ryan looks up and puts his book aside.

“That is not how you’re supposed to greet your husband home!” he whines and stomps his foot for effect.

Ryan just rolls his eyes and picks his book back up.



Brendon kneels in front of Ryan with his best puppy dog pout with matching quivering lips.

Ryan raises his brow but doesn’t look up. This gets Brendon frustrated and he almost cries but stops himself. Instead, he stands up, huffs and starts to leave.

“Fine. If you won’t play house with me then I’m going to break up with you! Maybe Bill will play with me instead.”


A/N: And there it is. A new character. Here comes Bill. And of course, when Bill is there, Gabey baby is too. 'Cause they're just a package. Inseparable! <3

Yeah, I am a sucker for Gabilliam && Ryden. That is a fact.

Oh, and also the next chapter is full of fluff, I'm telling you. :)

Growing Old With You 1/?

TITLE: Growing Old With You (based from Adam Sandler's song) 1/?
AUTHOR: twistedoodles 
PAIRING: Ryden (ofcourse!)
POV: 3rd
DISCLAIMER: I own no one. This story is something that happened only in my imagination. And maybe in yours too. *shrugs*
BETA: a friend who isn't in LJ :|
“Mom, this is my girlfriend. Isn’t he pretty?” Brendon grinned.

My attempt at a kid!fic. <3 :)


“Mommy, I want you to meet my girlfriend.”

4-year old Brendon said as he tugged at his mother’s skirt for the third time. His dark brown hair, round chocolate eyes and cute pouty lips made him the perfect example for adorable.

He is.


And the way he is jutting his bottom lip forward could just about give him anything he wants from anyone he asks. But apparently, his mother was immune.

“Honey, I’m talking with Ms. Asher. Wait, okay.”

Brendon pouts some more and this time, his teacher, Ms. Victoria Asher, notices.

“Mrs. Urie, it’s fine. You can go attend to Brendon. We can talk about this later or some other time if you’d like.” She says. She gives her a sincere smile and goes to tend to the new parent who arrived to pick up their child.

Mrs. Urie kneels down in front of Brendon and sighs. Now that he has his mother’s attention back, he grins from ear to ear and starts jumping up and down. Yes, little Brendon is just a bouncing ball of energy.

“So what were you saying young man? Girlfriend, eh?”

Brendon nods and smiles even wider.

“Okay then, let’s meet her.” His mom smiles and stands up. Brendon takes her hand and starts leading her to the corner of the room where their reading books are found. He stops when they have reached their mini library and let go of his mother’s hand to approach the small kid at the corner who was busy reading. He looked up when Brendon stopped in front of him.


The kid blinked. Brendon reached his hand out and the other took it. He dragged the kid to his mom. Or more like he bounced his way to his mom while dragging his “girlfriend” along.

“Mom, this is my girlfriend. Isn’t he pretty?” Brendon grinned.


Brendon nudged his girlfriend startling him. “Hi.” the kid mumbled.


A/N: Hope it didn't suck much. I'm new to this whole writing stories thing. It easier to write plots but writing their story is whole different thing. Ha ha. So this is my 2nd shot at fan fiction.

Continue? ...or not?

BETA: found! Thanks again, helloglasgow . :)

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Gabilliam One-Shot (What Used To Be)

TITLE: What Used To Be
RATING: PG-13 or NC-17...Nothing below the belt. Slight swearing & stuff.
PAIRING: Gabilliam :>
AUTHOR: twistedoodles 
DISCLAIMER: I own no one. They belong to themselves. I own the plot, yes. The boys, I wish.
WARNING: Fluff!, slight swearing and use of some indecent words and/or themes, character death
NOTES: This a Gabilliam fic I wrote a while back. The original story had different names but I turned this to slash and made minor revisions so it'd be fit for some Gabanti&&Bilvy lovin'. :>

First posted at http://cobras4life.com :)

Anyway, I hope it doesn't suck much. Go easy on me!

Enjoy (I hope)!

Way back when I was sixteen, during my teenage years, I met a boy named Gabe. I never thought there was still such guy who was very kind, sweet, caring, handsome but was loyal and faithful at the same time.

Unbelievable, right?

Well, believe it.

He was different from all the guys I met. Gabe stood out from the crowd and yet he was a humble person. He wasn’t a jerk who would hit on anyone or anything that walks, breathes and talks.

Where is this going you may be wondering? Well, I just gave a little introduction to my story, so here it goes…

I was in my senior year and like what usual students do, I go to school with my friends. It was the first day of school but for us, it wasn’t any different from our usual days in class. Same old building, same old classmates; the only different thing was our new classroom and of course, a different adviser.

Oh by the way, have I introduced myself yet? The name’s William Eugene Beckett Jr. but my friends call me Bill. Anyway, back to my story.

Things were just oh so the same ‘til…

“Good Morning!” greeted Mr. Jonathan Walker as he gave us a warm welcoming smile. “Today is our first day of classes. Welcome back!” he continued. My friend Adam Siska or Sisky as he prefers, who was seated next to me, made a face and smirked. I started giggling that I caught Mr. Walker’s attention and he said, “Mr. Beckett, just as I was saying, a new student from New Jersey has moved in to our school and he will be your new classmate.” He paused for a while as if to excite everyone. Then he continued, “Let us all welcome, Gabriel Eduardo Saporta.”

And there he was.

I couldn’t stop staring at him. He was tall and really really hot. Okay, yes, I am gay. But that’s not the point. When he looked at my direction, I felt my cock twitch and my insides melt. “Holy fucking shit!” I thought. Luck was definitely on my side when Mr. Walker made him sit on the empty seat on my other side.

When he sat down, I put on my best seductive smile that makes girls drool and boys question their sexuality.

”Hey. Bill” I said as I extended my hand to him.

“Gabe” he grinned then said, “Uhm, mind if I ask you a favor?”

For a moment, I was afraid he would ask me to fuck off or something like that but despite my hesitation I heard myself ask, “Yeah sure, what is it?”

“Uh, can you..uhm..maybe, uh” He stuttered.

“What?” I asked unsure.

“Can you maybe uh, show me around?” He bit his lip. Really, he should stop doing that ‘cause I might not be able to stop myself from ravishing him then and there. I had to restrain myself so instead I smiled again and batted my eyelashes. “Sure. Of course, but-”

“Lunch? My treat.” He grinned.

Oh c'mon. You have got to be kidding me. How could I say NO to that smile?

“Cool.” Did he just ask me to lunch? Oh my shit.

“Thanks. Can’t wait.” He smiled again and returned his attention to Mr. Walker who was discussing about god knows what.

I chanced a glance at him again and I think my heart just stopped. I am so, so fucked.


A week has passed and things were going smoothly. I felt as if I knew him before I even met him. I began to like him more and more. But still, I don’t even know if he was gay.

One night, as I was about to sleep, I felt my iPhone vibrate. Someone was calling.

To my surprise, it was Gabe.

“Hello?” I said groggily.

“Bilvy!” He sounded so happy.

“Hey Gabanti!” I smiled and I felt my insides flutter.

Yes, we've started on with the nicknames. Sue me.

“Sorry to call you this time of night. Were you asleep?”

“Nope, but I was about to.” I said, sounding sleepy.

“Oh shit, I’m sorry. I just couldn’t sleep without hearing your voice first.” he said in a serious but sweet voice.

I giggled and asked, “Okay mister! What do you want? You have a favor to ask?”

“Haha! No princess.” I rolled my eyes even though he couldn’t see. “I just wanted to say good night.”

“Yeah right, so good night then. See you in school tomorrow.” I chuckled.

“Okay. Good night Bill. Care to ride me?”

My eyes practically popped out of its sockets but I managed to choke out, “What?”

“Shit, shit. I meant, ride WITH me.”

Yes, yes. Thank YOU for the mental image Gabe. You definitely gave me something to ponder on before going to bed.

“Oh. Uh, okay. Sure sure. Uhm, I guess I’ll introduce you to my mom.” I had to stop myself yet again before I got a boner. Nah-uh. It’s time for bed, nothing else.

“Hmm…Uh, I’ll bring something for her then.” I can practically sense him rubbing the back of his neck showing his nervousness.

“Uhm, okay. See you tomorrow Gabanti. Good night. Bye.”

“Bye.” then we hung up.

“Is this really abso-fucking-lutely true or am I just dreaming? Shit. He’s picking me up. Ohmyfuckinggawd!” I squealed. I could hear the Hallelujah chorus in my ears and I felt like I was in a fairytale. You know I’d make a gorgeous princess, a hot one at that and Gabe would be the most hottest (he’s that HOTT) prince ever.


In the morning, I woke up thirty minutes earlier. I felt so happy and excited so I got dressed immediately. I chose my tightest jeans, a red figure-hugging v-neck shirt and my black leather jacket. Let me tell you, not to sound vain or anything but I looked smokin’ hot. Honest.

When I went down, I was shocked to see Gabe already in our living room talking to my mom. They seem to be getting along just fine. That’s a relief. He even brought my mom flowers and a cake. When my mom saw me, she asked us to go to the garden to eat breakfast. Gabe said that he was done eating but my mom insisted and so he gave in. We had much fun, the food was good, we ate the cake he brought for dessert and we talked about a lot of things.

Then, it was time for us to go to school so we bid my mom goodbye. Just as soon as we left the house, I received a message from my mom.

It read:
“Hey sweetie. I think Gabe’s a great guy. Thank him again for the cake and flowers he brought. Whatever decision you’d make for the both of you, I trust you. ”

I was touched with what my mom said. I won’t let her down.


Days after, when I woke up, I was surprised to see petals of my favorite red and white roses on the floor. I could smell their sweet fragrance and it was as if I was in a garden of roses just like what I’ve always dreamt of. I stood up and walked to the door.

When I opened it, there was a note lying on the mat.

I picked it up and read, “Good morning Bilvy! Your prince awaits you. Join me in our paradise and let us enjoy the morning together.” Despite the cheesiness. I was touched and surprised at the same time. It was totally unexpected but I would never exchange that moment for anything else.

As I was going down the stairs, there were pink roses on every step. I picked each one up. There were pink ribbons tied to them and each one had a note that said, “I love you” or some quotes as sweet as that.

When I reached the end of the stairs, I found a teddy bear. It was soft and cuddly. I hugged it eagerly and when I did, I heard a familiar voice recorded in the bear.

“I love you William Eugene Beckett. Jr.! I will slay every dragon and banish every witch that tries to hurt you. Our palace awaits, would you allow me to be your knight?”

I couldn’t help but smile. I rushed into the garden and found it decorated as if I were in a fairytale. There were colorful flowers and balloons everywhere. It was such a splendid sight.

Suddenly, my favorite song played. “♪These are the moments I thank God that I’m alive. And these are the moments I’ll remember all my life. I found all I’ve waited for and I could not ask for more. ♪”

Then behind me, Gabe appeared, wrapping his arms around my waist.

“May I have this dance?” he whispered in my ear.

I turned around and took his hands, “Only if you’d treat me to lunch.”

He grinned and chuckled. We danced and danced and danced. He held me close and I couldn’t help but smile. We were like a fairytale couple. The only different thing was that I still was in my boxers and ratty shirt and not a suit or anything fancy.

But at the moment, it didn’t matter.

Nothing did.

It was only between Gabe and I.

Me and Gabe.

When the song ended, he knelt down and said, “Bilvy, I never knew that this would happen. When my parents decided to move here and leave New Jersey, I was crushed because I’ve lived there all my life then suddenly, in a snap I had to leave everything. Things were way different here. For me, everything was new. I had to make the biggest adjustments and I must admit I was scared to go to school at first. I never thought I’d actually like this place…’til you.”

I saw the sincerity in his eyes so I asked him to stand up. I held his hand and squeezed it a little tight. ”Oh Gabanti! I thought this year would be the same as the past school years I’ve had but when you came, everything too has become different for me.” I said.

Then, I leaned over, wrapped by arms around his neck and whispered to his ear, “It was like a wonderful dream that has finally turned into reality.”


From that day on, we were inseparable. He introduced me to his family and they warmly welcomed me. His mom told me that she has never seen Gabe so happy before. Gabe changed my life and made me a better person. I grew more and more in love with him each day. He was more than the kind of person I thought he was.

We spent almost every minute of everyday together.

We would cuddle in my backyard and just look at the stars. There were days when we would drive up to the beach to walk hand in hand in the shore. Before the sun sets, we would sit on the sand, arms around each other. Each time is a perfect moment, murmurs of “I love you’s” and stolen kisses.


Things could never have gotten better ‘til one night the phone rang. I picked up and in a groggy voice I said, “Hello?”

The voice on the other line was trembling. It was Mrs. Saporta and she was crying. Between her sobs she managed to say, “Will- William? Thi..this i..is Mrs. Saporta. It’s Gabe.”

Suddenly, my heart was racing and my body was shaking.

Gabe had a car accident.

When I heard this, tears ran down my cheeks. It was like my whole world was falling apart.

The next thing I knew was that I woke my mom up and we drove to the hospital as fast as we could.

As soon as we got there, I ran to the room where he was. When I opened the door, I was shocked to see him with bruises all over and a bandage on his head. I couldn’t believe my eyes. The car crash was fatal and the only thing keeping him alive was a machine.

I rushed to his side and held his hand. I leaned over and whispered to his ear, “Hey, I’m here now baby. I love you Gabriel. Hold on. Please.”

I choked as I said those words. Tears were flowing down my cheeks. I felt his hand gripping mine.

For a second, I thought everything was okay but then his hand slipped and I realized that my greatest fear has come true.

He is gone.


I will never forget this moment. I don’t know what I’d do now that he’s gone. I never knew that fairy tales could end so tragically.

Now, here I am, all alone sitting on my porch, reminiscing what used to be.

I never had another relationship since then.

He was my only one, my one and only prince.

Forty years have passed but I never lost that strong feeling I had for him.

I know he’s watching over me now and I guess his presence is all I need to last my lifetime.

Someday, we’ll be together again and the tragic fairy tale we’ve once had will have a better, happier ending.

~fin. <3



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