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December 29th, 2009

Growing Old With You 1/?

TITLE: Growing Old With You (based from Adam Sandler's song) 1/?
AUTHOR: twistedoodles 
PAIRING: Ryden (ofcourse!)
POV: 3rd
DISCLAIMER: I own no one. This story is something that happened only in my imagination. And maybe in yours too. *shrugs*
BETA: a friend who isn't in LJ :|
“Mom, this is my girlfriend. Isn’t he pretty?” Brendon grinned.

My attempt at a kid!fic. <3 :)


“Mommy, I want you to meet my girlfriend.”

4-year old Brendon said as he tugged at his mother’s skirt for the third time. His dark brown hair, round chocolate eyes and cute pouty lips made him the perfect example for adorable.

He is.


And the way he is jutting his bottom lip forward could just about give him anything he wants from anyone he asks. But apparently, his mother was immune.

“Honey, I’m talking with Ms. Asher. Wait, okay.”

Brendon pouts some more and this time, his teacher, Ms. Victoria Asher, notices.

“Mrs. Urie, it’s fine. You can go attend to Brendon. We can talk about this later or some other time if you’d like.” She says. She gives her a sincere smile and goes to tend to the new parent who arrived to pick up their child.

Mrs. Urie kneels down in front of Brendon and sighs. Now that he has his mother’s attention back, he grins from ear to ear and starts jumping up and down. Yes, little Brendon is just a bouncing ball of energy.

“So what were you saying young man? Girlfriend, eh?”

Brendon nods and smiles even wider.

“Okay then, let’s meet her.” His mom smiles and stands up. Brendon takes her hand and starts leading her to the corner of the room where their reading books are found. He stops when they have reached their mini library and let go of his mother’s hand to approach the small kid at the corner who was busy reading. He looked up when Brendon stopped in front of him.


The kid blinked. Brendon reached his hand out and the other took it. He dragged the kid to his mom. Or more like he bounced his way to his mom while dragging his “girlfriend” along.

“Mom, this is my girlfriend. Isn’t he pretty?” Brendon grinned.


Brendon nudged his girlfriend startling him. “Hi.” the kid mumbled.


A/N: Hope it didn't suck much. I'm new to this whole writing stories thing. It easier to write plots but writing their story is whole different thing. Ha ha. So this is my 2nd shot at fan fiction.

Continue? ...or not?

BETA: found! Thanks again, helloglasgow . :)



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